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Hugs and Kisses - all points of view

Hugs and kisses carry many different meanings, expressions, relations, and communications. We sometimes tend to forget, misunderstand, or even push away a hug or a kiss; but, at the same time, so many hugs and kisses are memorable, meaningful, and emotional.

A simple hug and kiss is given and received by many people every second of every day. Some of the people that are blessed with a hug and kiss are relatives and even animals. The comfort of hugs and kisses are given to babies and teenagers, and children of all ages. A kiss is a simple sign from their parents that they are loved and cared for no matter what. Children absorb the impact of hugs and feel protected and comforted.

Babies and teenagers are not the only ones that feel the greatness of hugs and kisses. Parents, as well as grandparents, cherish hugs and kisses both given and received by their children. A hug is a sign of a job well done to a parent for raising a loving son or daughter. A kiss is received as a sign of thank you and I love you. Since parents and grandparents give their children so much, hugs and kisses are signs of appreciation and admiration.

Understanding Hugs and Kisses

Relationships can be difficult. Relationships can also be a blast! Couples dating, engaged, and married experience hugs and kisses all of the time. Between loved ones, hugs and kisses are one of the most important forms of communication. The hugs assure them that they are loved and protected. Kisses are one of the most delicate, more meaningful types of communication between lovers. Respect, comfort, love, joy and happiness are all felt when giving and receiving a kiss. A feeling of never wanting to let that person go and the comfort of never being alone are why kisses and hugs are so important.

What Hugs & Kisses means to all of us

Hugs and kisses are not only felt by humans. For many of us, pets are very important in our lives. Animals have taken over our hearts and give us unconditional love. We feed them and bathe them, give them water and toys. Sometimes we feel as though animals fully depend on us for a life full of love and meaning. I do believe that they depend on us humans for many things. Most pets include dogs and cats, horses and other farm animals, rodents and reptiles. Although not all of these pets can be given hugs and kisses, for the ones that can, we sure don’t let them go without a hug and kiss. Dogs do feel a type of comfort when we embrace them and kiss them. A bond that can never be broken is the bond we have with our pets.

No matter who or what, hugs and kisses will always be important. Hugs and kisses are international signs of love and protection, assurance and respect. Always remember to hug your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, lover and child, and even your pets. When we don’t have the right words to say, hugs and kisses will say it all.